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There is an age-old idiom that goes: “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride”. This suggested that wishing for something you didn’t already have was time better spent working. Essentially, it was an assertion that “you get what you get.”

We feel that aspiring to something greater than what you are IS worthwhile. Envisioning a successful future is time well spent if you fiercely believe it can exist, and you plan to put in the hard work to elevate the circumstance.   


For us, the Wishing Horse came to symbolize the combination of aspirations AND hard work. When you put them together, it can shift mountains and materialize wild dreams.  The Wishing Horse is more than the sum of its parts: the combination of the magical and the fierce manifests powerful new realities.  It is this practice we use for our business and the events we create. 


What inspires us is the ability to bring memorable sensory experiences to diverse populations while also promoting local businesses and contributing to area nonprofits by highlighting culturally rich neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and the arts.


We are so excited to join forces with your innovative team on a fierce and magical journey, so get in touch with us today!

Hi there! This is Aris and Mark. We've been married for 10 magical years and throughout our partnership, we have developed an entire creative universe filled with hundreds of characters. This is where the magic of the Wishing Horse was born, as a whimsical song we wrote about hard work and the fulfillment of dreams.


With 20 years of professional experience designing and producing games, competitions, and interactive experiences for Fortune 500 companies we know a lot about team-building and how to get the most out of your workforce. We started conceptualizing our business in 2019 because we saw the benefits both personally and professionally of experiences that were tactile, interactive, sensory, whimsical, community-focused, and story-driven. We couldn't find anyone combining these elements, so we decided to make them ourselves!


All successful businesses employ talented collaborators that have creative and abstract problem-solving abilities. That is why we designed each product to reinforce a  solution-oriented mindset. Though each are significantly different formats, the axis of every one of our products is creativity, because we believe it is our most joyful and connective asset. Your team will think laterally, hone problem solving skills, work collaboratively, find creative flow, and learn about each other.  

We are often asked, why the name Wishing Horse Productions? Saddle up, because you are about to see why the dreams in your wildest imagination are truly possible. 



Companies with high employee engagement are 


more profitable


of workers feel engaged

Replacing workers costs:





With such a deep appreciation of our local communities, Wishing Horse Productions takes giving back to it very seriously. We realize that enjoying a fun, safe, artistic and culturally aware city requires our stewardship toward it.

There are many organizations doing amazing work. We partner with a number of these groups both in time, money, commitment, and collaboration. We also give them a platform to educate our clients about how they are helping the community. Our focus is on basic needs, safety, peace, kindness, healing, and support of the arts.

For each purchase of our services, a donation will be made towards these ends. We do our Wishing Horse best to match our products with our partners, ensuring that your gift is used the most effectively. At Wishing Horse Productions, we believe that each nonprofit is the expert regarding what they need, and we are not giving them donations that make us feel good, we are committed to giving donations that are meaningful.


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2400 E. 6th St. #138 Austin, TX 78702

tel: 512-779-9844


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