fresh corporate team building and creativity training

customized private events

showcasing the eclectic and artistic side of your city

interactive hands-on activities

hyper-local experiences


mix master

our cocktail competition mixed with live DJ will make you the life of the party!

taste test

we provide the perfect interactive platform for elevated food and libation tastings!

game of shows

our revolutionary take on the vintage game show!


escape the box™

explore eclectic neighborhoods with our patented puzzle box as your navigator!

scene stealer™

become the star of the show during our creative filmmaking competition!


creativity training and workshops with real artists and artisans!

artistic gourmet

sample the best cuisine in the city with this inspiring restaurant experience! 


more cool stuff!



born beneath a rainbow sea in the Land Where Dreams Come True, Wishing Horse Productions galloped into existence at the close of 2019. with 20 years of experience as members of one of the world’s top corporate team building companies, we consistently produced events for Fortune 500 companies and pulled off expert logistics, planning, scripting and execution.  and yet, believe it or not, we found ourselves wanting more. 


even though businesses were changing and a new breed of slick startups were forming hyper-creative and innovative teams, they were still expected to participate in the same old corporate activities. couldn’t team building evolve into something more elevated that could match the spry sophistication and aesthetic of the new faces of business?


this is the purpose of Wishing Horse Productions, the world’s most amazing production team! we provide groups with tactile, artistic, interactive ways to collaborate bond and learn.  the axis of every one of our products is creativity, because we believe it is our most joyful and connective asset. our state-of-the-art content will elevate your group outing, whether it is for team building, creativity training, conventions or leadership summits.


your group can choose from: 



and when it’s over, you won’t throw novelty gifts in the landfill. you will have useful takeaways, meaningful mementos, a boatload of professional photos and incredible memories that will make you the star of the show. to top it all off, proceeds from each event go to our non-profit partners or an organization of your choosing.


you will keep coming back for more because every event is one-of-a-kind. several times a year, we retire some products and generate fresh ones, so that your group always has something new to do again and again.  your time is too precious for an average offsite. get in touch with Wishing Horse Productions and we will produce a fierce and magical experience for you and your team! 



with such a deep appreciation of the our local communities, wishing horse productions takes giving back to it very seriously. we realize that enjoying a fun, safe, artistic and culturally aware city requires our stewardship toward it.

there are many organizations doing amazing work. we partner with a number of these groups both in time, money, commitment, and collaboration. we also give them a platform to educate our clients about how they are helping the community. our focus is on basic needs, safety, peace, kindness, healing, and support of the arts.

for each purchase of our services, a donation will be made towards these ends. we do our wishing horse best to match our products with our partners, ensuring that your gift is used the most effectively. at wishing horse productions, we believe that each nonprofit is the expert regarding what they need, and we are not giving them donations that make us feel good, we are committed to giving donations that are meaningful.


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8000 Centre Park Dr #200, Austin, TX 78754

tel: 512-779-9844


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