Aris Roberts-Kelly

Mark W. Downs

Aris Roberts-Kelly grew up in New York City and moved to Austin before you did. She is a woodworker, a creative writer and a storyteller who is passionate about gender parity, equality and inclusion.


Raised in California’s East Bay, Mark W. Downs' love of movies, music, technology, and interactivity led him to Austin where he began his career producing interactive team building events for the Go Game, where Mark worked for 12 years and Aris for 6. In 2010, they were married, and In 2019, they gathered up all of their experience and began building their own company.


Wishing Horse Productions is a continuation of Aris and Mark's passions: a love of storytelling, a focus on creativity, and a desire to make the world more inclusive, immersive and magical. They are devoted to making cultural spaces more interactive and accessible.


2400 E. 6th St. #138 Austin, TX 78702

tel: 512-779-9844


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