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Examples of Brain Breaks

Make Me Some Sushi

Welcome to the world’s first food-less food making competition!

Hilarity ensues as contestants race against the clock, collecting common household objects to make and present gorgeous platters of “sushi”. The audience votes on the most outstanding presentation.

Scene Stealer Remote Edition

Do you love the movies but HATE that you aren’t in them?

Participants collaborate to recreate classic films and cult favorites. Zoom, home-made props, and our elegant Red Carpet awards show add a dose of glamour to the activity.


5-Word Stories

You’re into the whole brevity thing, but love a good tall tale

Each player writes down a formative personal experience in just 5 words then passes it along to a teammate who races against the clock to translate those words into the most engaging and convincing story possible.


Think Fast

You are bad at trivia but love to answer first. Like Jeopardy for Liberal Arts Majors!

In timed segments our MC asks individuals absurd rapid-fire questions. The participants answer them with the first idea that comes into their head. The player who most creatively answers the most questions in the allotted amount of time wins.


The Ghost of Parsley Coffee Filters

Nothing spells horror like the mundane details of your ordinary life

Just because you're done with that shopping list doesn't mean your teammates can't find a way to spook you with it!  In this eerie activation, put the mundane details of your life to good use by weaving together a ghost story told by flashlight!


The Great British Fake N’ Bake

Reality Show Bites! 

Just like a reality show competition with all the reality and negativity sucked out of it. Race against the clock to gather household ingredients to construct delightfully elaborate yet wholly inedible baked goods. The audience votes for the winners.

With Brain Breaks, your team will join the next meeting energized and more productive. Talk to us about individual events or setting up an event subscription!

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