Creative Assembly is a speaker series that showcases successful visual artists, culinary icons, filmmakers, scientists, musicians, craftspeople and makers. Topics and speakers will vary, but the common thread is fascinating content that is learned together. Whether it's exploring the depths of space with a NASA scientist or a beekeeper showing the audience how honey is made, the purpose of the event is to provide an exciting shared learning experience that creates a natural bonding environment, and a great way to demonstrate that your company values learning. 


These seminars are exceptional as live events or as remote experiences. Each event includes an emcee introduction, a name and face recognition icebreaker, 

fascinating educational content by an expert in the field, Q & A, and optional cocktail hour. By choosing Creative Assembly, your team can expect:


  • To learn about each other

  • Group integration

  • Opportunity to adjust to a remote environment 

  • A feeling of fascination

  • A relaxed educational environment

  • Occasion to socialize


Whether your group is looking to get to know each other better, smooth out transitions, or just to share in an enriching educational experience, Creative Assembly will keep your audience captivated!

2400 E. 6th St. #138 Austin, TX 78702

tel: 512-779-9844


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