Lateral thinking and new insight allow us to choose alternative paths and unstructured pursuits, wiping out obstacles to the furtherance and refinement of our identity

Erik Pevernagie


Is your company looking for a new groove to ignite the next big innovation? Problem solved! Turning the escape room phenomenon on its head, Escape the Box is the ultimate team-building experience. This tactile and interactive game is designed to:


  • Connect people through play

  • Activate the senses

  • Spark lateral thinking 

  • Enable community engagement and exploration

  • Hone problem-solving skills 

  • Conceptualize abstract ideas


Utilizing our patented artisanal puzzle box, unique pieces of art and a custom-painted map, your group becomes immersed in a mystery while solving puzzles, finding clues, and exploring an eclectic neighborhood. As the story unfolds, teams will race to the final destination for a big reveal. The day will end with a fun, relaxing debrief with amazing food and beverages.


Everyone leaves with beautiful souvenirs, lasting memories, a sense of connectedness, and tools that translate to a happier, more productive workplace.


If Escape the Box sounds perfect for your next company gathering, speak to one of our team building specialists today!

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