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That sounds promising, but I'll have to check in with my team. Can you be flexible on the booking date? With travel and planning so profoundly impacted at the moment, we are offering flexible booking dates for the foreseeable future.  That means that if you book an in-person event for a particular date, you can reschedule it at no extra charge as long as you give us more than month's notice.  Or, if you prefer, you can take your booking date and use it for a remote event instead with no change fee. 


Do you offer discounts? You know, like the kind you get for listening to cool podcasts? Yes, we do!  Our bulk discount is four events for the price of three.  Our non-profit discount is 25% off.  Our early booking discount is six months in advance equals 15% off. Sadly, we can't offer you that podcast just yet, but we're working on it. 


Our company considers itself pretty "worldly". In what cities do you offer events? We are local to Austin, Texas, but we can go anywhere that there is space and infrastructure for our events! We regularly run events in San Francisco, New York, Houston, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and Los Angeles.  Just ask us about a specific city! And of course we can always do a remote event for distributed teams.

We're usually short on time. Even asking this question feels like a time suck. How long is an event? Events typically range from 1-4 hours. We are also very capable of doing multi-day events if that is your preference.


That sounds great! I'm not bored yet. How much does it cost? Our in-person events run between $65-125 per person.  Our remote events run between $20-60 per person, which includes some customization.  The exact amount depends on several factors, so get in touch for a free quote! 


Sounds reasonable. What kind of customization do you offer? All of our events can be customized with your company’s messaging, trivia, and area of focus.  Our host will introduce any other speakers, and we can tailor our content to your preference. Of course, we can go far beyond this, if you'd like a fully customizable experience. We are happy to make the event exactly what you imagined!

All of these choices sound incredible! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. How do we choose the right product for our team? Each of our products is designed to spark creativity, and to engage your senses, however, from there they tend to deviate. It really depends on the specifics of your group and what you want.  Often, taking a look through the products on our web site can help you narrow it down. Either way, our specialists can schedule a call to help you choose the perfect product for your event! Again, please Get In Touch!


Thank you SO much, Weirdly Helpful FAQ Page. You've been great. I'm about ready to reach out to a real person, just one last question: What are the benefits of team building, again? It has been a pleasure answering your insightful questions! Our team building experiences spark lateral thinking, focus on creativity, invite collaboration, and build stronger relationships. Most importantly it improves your employees' engagement and proves that you value their contributions, which leads to a more invested team and, of course, greater productivity than your competitors. Go ahead and hit that button below to book your event! 

I know I said I needed help earlier, but I'm actually quite the party planner. Why should I pay you to conduct an event instead of just coming up with my own activities for free? I'm sure that you are and you'll still be involved in the logistics and customization. It's just that we will be doing most of the heavy lifting, which is what we love. Our team has run over 1000 successful events for Fortune 500s, start-ups, educational institutions, non-profits, and other innovators.  Bottom line, we know how to save you tons of valuable time while blowing everyone's minds. 

You've almost convinced me, but I've been in some pretty bad virtual meetings. How are you going to make sure this goes off smoothly? This is a great question! We're consistently searching out the best virtual platforms to provide the most ideal experience. We work with you to ensure perfect room set-ups for meetings, webinars, hybrid events, breakout sessions and happy hours.  Plus, we have extraordinary facilitators who know how to pump up a skeptical crowd. We feel certain you will be overjoyed with the result!

Help! Can you bring our team together?  Of course! We offer team-building and creativity training for corporations, startups, non-profits and other private groups.  Our products feature sensory-activating elements that reinforce a solution-oriented approach by focusing on lateral thinking, creativity, and collaboration.


What’s Escape the Box? Sounds exciting! Escape the Box is a collaborative puzzle-solving game that takes place in an eclectic neighborhood of your choosing. It’s like an Escape Room with out the panic, and it happens out in the real world, not a stifling little building. The game utilizes our patented puzzle box filled with analog/digital technology, local art, cool maps, and a mysterious story to bring out the best in your team. 

That sounds AMAZING, however, for obvious reasons, our entire company is distributed right now. Do you offer remote team building? Yes! Most of our products work well over the familiar virtual environment of Zoom. These include Scene Stealer, Art Factory, Brain Breaks, and Creative Assembly. Check them out here!


Great! How many people can you accommodate? We're glad you asked! With remote events, we like to keep the rooms at 25 or less as we find that allows everyone to contribute. That being said, we can have multiple breakout rooms for larger groups.

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