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For each purchase of our private events services, a donation will be made towards these ends. We do our best to match our products with our partners, ensuring that your gift is used the most effectively.


At Wishing Horse Productions, we believe that each              non-profit is the expert regarding what they need, and we are not giving them donations that make us feel good, we are committed to giving donations that are meaningful.

With such a deep appreciation of our local communities, Wishing Horse Productions takes giving back to it very seriously. We realize that enjoying a fun, safe, artistic and culturally aware city requires our stewardship toward it.

There are many organizations doing amazing work. We partner with a number of these groups both in time, money, commitment, and collaboration. We also give them a platform to educate our clients about how they are helping the community. Our focus is on basic needs, safety, peace, kindness, healing, and support of the arts.