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Why Team Building? Team building helps to engage your workers which increases productivity and retention, and it also creates a healthy, happy group of people who LOVE to work for you!


want to create your own customized event based on a variety of our products?

Unique, original, content for your innovative team

Sensory, creative, meditative, relaxing

workshops that give your team hands-on creative experiences, increased bonding, in a relaxed environment.



A speaker series focused on experts pulling back the curtain on interesting industries and fascinating ideas

Educational, thought-

provoking, fascinating

“Trying to talk the team into another zoom meeting to celebrate the Holiday Season? Not an easy task. Luckily, you and your team came through and led an engaging, high-energy and fun hour. Got great feedback from folks across the team. Really appreciate your creativity and effort to ensure folks participated, had fun!” - Ben W.

"Mark and the Wishing Horse Productions team created a fun evening for the leadership team after an executive meeting! They took care of all the details and were so easy to work with. They got us out of chairs and away from our screens (a welcome change). The brainbreaks were short and fun for everyone to join in. We would absolutely work with them again!" Nicole C.

“I had a great time working with Wishing Horse Productions.  Mark made the parameters of the game very clear and the end result was a real hoot!  I would definitely recommend Wishing Horse to a friend or business peer” - Bill P. 


Short, Stackable, Hilarious Activations!

mini-games and creative exercises in between your panels to keep zoom meetings exciting and fresh!


Competitive, collaborative, humorous, entertaining

A remote movie-making competition that gets teams collaborating, creating and thinking laterally.


Unique, state-of-the-art, challenging, eye-opening

a mashup of scavenger hunt and escape room, delivered in a magical box!


“I have never seen a box do anything like that before, it was magic!  Each time we solved a clue the box came alive and pointed us in the next direction. Our group was laughing the whole time and we couldn’t stop talking about this game for at least a month” - Patrick F. 

“We didn’t really know what to expect since this is not what we usually do for our offsite. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, stayed afterwards for cocktails talking about the event...thank you Wishing Horse Productions!”  - Jason Y. 

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