Price: $75 -$100 per person

Time: 2 hours

Group SIze: up to 600

Promotes: competition, physical activity, communication, collaboration, strategic thinking

Olympics kit: gloves, chalk, athletic tape, team handkerchiefs, race bibs


Takeaways: trophies, “gold”, “silver” and “bronze” medals, olive wreath crowns, novelty prizes, user-generated photos, Olympics yearbook

Employees playing an Escape the Box team building activity in Austin, TX

Due to the hostilities sparked among the city-states of ancient Greece, the citizenry have demanded to know who the victor is. There is only one way to settle this score, a competition of Herculean scale! After an opening ceremony and ritualistic torch lighting, the secular competition begins!

Participants take on classic Olympics sports such as: chariot racing, javelin-throwing, long jump, limbo, shot-put, discus, archery and (of course) roping sheep. Also included are more modern games such as jump rope, sack race, marshmallow towers, and egg race. The team with the highest score after successfully completing each segment is the winner, who will be showered with “gold” medals and crowned with olive wreaths.

Key to victory: competitive spirit, willingness to try, sheer strength, team work, cleverness.

Employees playing an Escape the Box team building activity in Austin, TX


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