The enemy of art is the absence of limitations

Orson Welles


If the only thing you hate about the movies is that you aren’t IN THEM then Scene Stealer is perfect for you! Turn your everyday office into the glamorous Hollywood studio you always imagined. In this creativity training and team building workshop, your group will use our gamified filmmaking techniques to reimagine cinema inspired by your favorite stories.

Scene Stealer is a creativity bootcamp disguised as a high stakes competition where top teams take home our special screening awards. Using deadlines, plot twists, technical challenges, and other constraints, your group as “cast and crew” will find a deeper creative purpose. Our panel of film experts judge your films on our patented 5-part rating metric. By choosing Scene Stealer, your group can expect to see: 


  • Lateral Thinking 

  • Enhanced Creativity 

  • Leadership Training 

  • Opportunity for comedy

  • Improved Collaboration

  • Increased Productivity 

  • Videos for lasting memories


Your host is part film school professor, executive producer, and cheerleader spurring your company to take bigger risks and make movie history.


If Scene Stealer sounds like the perfect choice for your group, speak to one of our team building specialists today!

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