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Ah, very wise. We knew you'd get to that. Of course, by combining creativity, storytelling, and sensory-focused activities we boost employee engagement, collaboration, and lateral thinking. Not only does this help you retain the brilliant talent you have already hired and assist in attracting the next innovators, but it also increases productivity RIGHT NOW. And with that increased productivity, your business can become more innovative, more efficient, more effective, and more valuable. Hit that quote button to find out how we can partner together to make this happen!

How can you help us bring our team together?  

We offer team-building and creativity training for corporations, startups, nonprofits and other private groups.  Our core products are Escape the Box, Scene Stealer, Art Factory, and Brain Breaks.  Our products feature analog technology and sensory activating elements. They reinforce a solution-oriented approach by focusing on lateral thinking, creativity, and collaboration

Why do you focus so much on creativity?

Creative Flow is one of the most powerful sources we have to unlock our potential. It's hard for some to believe, but everyone can be creative. In fact, every business is itself a creative enterprise, bringing something into the world that didn't previously exist. We provide opportunities for people to engage this side of themselves with virtually all of our products. They can then harness these forces to better apply them to your workplace goals. One of the greatest advantages of your teams working creatively is that it generates employee engagement.

What are the benefits of employee engagement?

Higher employee engagement leads to happier team members. This in turn creates a higher retention rate, meaning you are saving valuable time and money by minimizing the amount of hiring you need to do because of employee turnover. Activities like ours contribute to the holistic engagement of your co-workers and staff. Also, when your team experiences tangible evidence that you value their engagement, they are motivated to participate in a healthy workplace culture.

How do you contribute to a healthy workplace?

At their core, healthy workplace cultures are environments where people enjoy coming to work. When people are engaged in their roles, they feel as if they are contributing and making a difference.  A healthy work environment is one where everyone feels safe to speak up, be assertive, be heard and valued. 

This type of positive work environment does not come without effort. To manifest it, leaders need to create opportunities to come up with creative solutions to problems and provide practice for colleagues to form the bonds of trust and cooperation that generates healthy boundaries, trust and communication. Coming up with exercises to flex these skills can be daunting, but that is where we come in. We offer unique strategies, like using immersive storytelling, to foster creativity and lateral thinking.

Will you please tell us a story about storytelling?

Storytelling is an essential element of being human. Stories help us understand and give shape to the world around us. Having the ability to structure a story leads directly to success in life and business. Wishing Horse Productions itself was built on this principle. We believe deeply in giving you the resources and platform to tell your story and share it with your colleagues. Each of our products utilizes story in order to realize a deeper, more tangible experience.

Lateral thinking: What is it and how do I get some more?

Lateral thinking is the mental process of generating ideas and solving problems by looking at a situation or problem from a unique perspective. It is the ability to think creatively or “outside the box.” Exercising unconventional thought will flex muscles that your team needs to generate innovative ideas. In our experiences, we focus on unique applications to spark innovations and collaboration.

How did you get so good at this?

You are too kind. We have over 20 years experience running events around the United States and the world. And we absolutely love it! What drives us is creating long-term value for every one including our clients, community, and employees. We're constantly asking questions, doing research, and building new products so that we stay perpetually engaged and have more and more wonderful things to offer you!

What makes your experiences so wonderful?

Again, thank you. We are detail-driven and results-oriented. Or maybe it's results-driven and detail-oriented. But at WHP we like to say, "Why can't it be both?". Once we've discussed your event with you, we drive immediately into planning mode. We outline all the logistics for the day of the event, contact and hire vendors, produce  customized content, and schedule meetings and deadlines. We regularly communicate with you at every step in the process so that you always know what comes next and that your expectations are being met. After your amazing event, we follow up with you for valuable feedback so we can continue to learn and grow. That is what makes us Fierce + Magical!

This all sounds great! But what's the bottom line?


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